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Friday, July 29, 2005

More on IE7...

Well...was playing again with IE7 today and since I was so used to Opera, I entered this in the address bar:

g where can i find the boringest blog

This in Opera would mean that you would like to search "where can i find the boringest blog" in Google. Guess what happened in IE7 -> it went to the MSN Search site searching "g where can i find the boringest blog"!

So, now after learning that you can actually set other search engine as your default, I tried using Google, Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves and AOL Search and they all work!

Then, I tried figuring out how to make IE7 not to search "g" instead but just the search term itself and I found 2 commands that allow you to do so:

go where can i find the boringest blog


search where can i find the boringest blog

So, there you go - a new function for IE7 - address bar searching. Also say if you type in a domain that nobody has e.g., normally you'll arrive in a page that says "Could not locate remote server" but IE7 will goto your default search engine instead, quite smart i think.

Also, finally IE7 supports transparent PNGs as you can see on my "XML Feed Me" button on the sidebar, where some greyish-white tip will appear at the edges of the button in IE6. Finally, after reading the official technical overview, it seems that the features in IE7 are not complete yet and there'll definitely be improvements in the CSS department.


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