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Friday, August 12, 2005

Premarital sex and Pregnancies

After reading this and this from across the border, I wonder if sex before marriage is really ok? I'm sure it's fun but what if things go wrong? With condoms and contraceptive pills being only about 99% safe, what happens if the 1% probability actually became reality? I need your comments. Not trying to be kay-poh or acting as if I'm getting any but here are some hypothetical situations that could happen even when you have protection as a reminder to myself: (*Note that these views are all from a guy's point of view) 1. The girl gets pregnant For a student, this is a really complex situation since he definitely can't afford to take care of the girl nor the child. Will definitely affect both parties' studies & social life! Worst of all, might be branded by society as irresponsible ppl. *Logical action: Abort the child before things get out of hand. 2. The girl gets pregnant and refuses an abortion Putting myself in a girl's shoes, I think it would be difficult to just decide to kill the living thing within you. It's like killing/hurting part of yourself! So, what should the guy do?

  • Marry her and start a family or
  • Leave her and let her be a single mum
I have no idea as well... 3. The girl gets pregnant, refuses an abortion and you do not really love her This is getting more difficult! Again, I'm stuck as to what to do. Do you think the guy should be responsible and marry the girl? Or just dump her and pledge to pay for the child's upbringing? Anyway, if I offended anyone by this post, I'm truly sorry but dear readers, especially the more experienced ones, please comment on the best form of action.


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