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Saturday, July 30, 2005

RM15 Domain?

Was trying to buy a domain last night and tried searching around for one. My normal choice is GoDaddy but this time I decided to shop online for a cheaper one and guess what I found:

$3.95 domains!
I know the exchange rate has changed recently but let's put it at the old USD1.00=RM3.80, and it turned out to be:
That's only like a week's supply of Chicken Rice (RM3 each). So, I bought it and decided to share this with you. After buying I realised that the reason why they can charge so cheap is because they do not offer domain forwarding/masking for free. So, if you have your own hosting and do not need to forward it somewhere else, this is the value for money buy! So, to summarise:
  • Pros: Cheap, almost half the price of any other domain providers. Perfect for people with their own hosting. Friendly 24/7support staff.
  • Cons: URL Forwarding is not free.
Anyway, if you guys want 1 yourself, go get it here (it's advertised at $5.95 in the banner but there's an offer now at $3.95, so hurry if you want a cheap domain):
P.S. This is an affiliate banner, it will not cause you anything extra if you buy from this banner. So, if you hate this kinda advertising, please comment below.


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