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Sunday, August 14, 2005

SARA who?

Hi all, Help me test SARA out for robustness - will be using it on another website unless it proves popular.

So what is SARA? SARA is a new-generation community RSS aggregator which functions pretty much the same as other blogtals but with 1 major difference: It uses RSS/XML/RDF feeds to display your latest blog posts. So this means that you'll never have to ping again after providing your RSS link! What other features does SARA offer?
  • displays articles up to 72hours old
  • offers categorisation of blogs
  • downloadable opml files for your own use
  • favicon display
Is it free? Yes, it's totally free! How do I submit my blog RSS feed? You can submit it here: Is there a shorter link to SARA? Yes, it's Have you added any blogs already? Yes, I have added the blogs listed below without permission. If you would like to remove your blog, please contact me by submiting a ticket here: Hope you guys will like it. Please post any feedback here. Many thanks!


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