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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Super stressful week for me this time: 1. One assessment centre today which ended quite weird (will expand when I have more time) 2. A case interview tomorrow with my dream firm. 3. CFD program due on Monday + writeup! 4. another CFD project - tougher one coming up! 5. and also another Wing Design project...sighz... But some surprises this week too: 1. Successful in my affiliate application for my own mobilephone shop! - Link (for more details on the free phone + free line rental offer, see post before this!) 2. Idea of creating a one-stop university trading forum used by another group of ppl from the same college! 3. Parents are here to see me! 4. RepliGo's amazing! - finally a way to squeeze pdfs into my phone to read on the Tube ride back from college. Anyway, since I'm still on the topic of stress here...I'll just share a link for some funny pics - Link Feel free to add more! =)


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