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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

$2/year Hosting Offer!

Hi guys, Me and pandaboy are looking for new hosting and we chanced upon this host that's 4-years old and has very good comments from its subscribers. However, it's a bit expensive and we are hoping that we can sell some of the extra space and bandwidth that we have to fellow bloggers. We know we are kinda defying the law of economics in not bundling our products here, but we are not aiming to make huge profits or what and we believe that money is not easy to come by. So, we decided to do a 'modular' type of pricing. The specs for our basic module is as follows:

  • 40MB space
  • 400MB bandwidth/month
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 5 E-mail accounts
  • PHP 4.3.11, Frontpage Extensions, CGI Bin (Perl 5.6.1), Custom Error Pages, Server Side Includes (SSI/.shtml) supported
  • cPanel/Fantastico
  • Ability to host your domain with us at no additional charge/use a subdomain under our main domain.
All these for only US$2/year = US$0.17/month ~ RM7.60/year! So, what we mean by modular is that if you want 200MB space/2GB bandwidth, just get 5 of the basic module and you only pay US$10/year ~ RM38/year! The more space/bandwidth you want, just add on more modules. We are currently looking to sell a minimum of 80 modules (~20 people) before making a full commitment, so hurry before we are pressured to close down! Email me if you are interested. Now comes the F.A.Q.s: 1. How fast is the connection to your server and where is it located? Our servers are located at DimeNOC, Orlando, Florida in the US. The connection to the servers are from TimeWarner Gig-E (~1000Mbps) and UUNET OC-12 (~621Mbps) and by the end of this year, another from Level 3 Gig-E (~1000Mbps). 2. How do we know we can trust you/pandaboy? Well, once we get people who has agreed to buy 80 of the modules, we will show you the invoice of the bill that we have paid for the hosting for the whole year and you can contact the company in question to verify it. So, you are guaranteed at least 1 full year of service. 3. Will you/pandaboy help us install wordpress/nucleus/b2evolution/mambo? Yes, we can help you if you want, otherwise we'll just let you have the fun of tweaking it yourself. 4. I am the boss of a hosting company. Why are you spoiling the market? We expect to get spam mail for this, but other service providers shouldn't be angry 'cos there are only limited accounts available! So, don't worry, the market won't be 'spoiled' =) 5. Can I host porn/promote terrorism/store illegal files/send spam from your server? No, we do not support piracy/spammers. We're allowed to store porn actually but we rather not. Also, we do not support IRC or IRC bots. 6. Can I put up ads on my account? Yes, do anything you want as long as it's not illegal or clashes with FAQ5. 7. What's the catch? You pay US$2/year for 1 module, we happy. We however need to IMterview you 1st before you'll be accepted. (if you know us personally then there’s no need for the interview, we just want to prevent hackers/spammers from signing up). We accept payment by PayPal only at the moment. 8. Is this a joke? No, me and pandaboy are serious. We will only start if we have firm commitments for 80 modules. Thank you for your time and if you're interested, mail me. UPDATE: If you were to pay by Credit Card instead of Paypal, the price would be US$2.40 per module due to bank transaction costs.


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