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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Save calling card PIN on your mobile

This is useful for international students who uses calling cards to call back home to Malaysia and also for local Malaysians who use international calling cards like iTalk: Do you find it a trouble to remember the long PIN numbers? No worries now. You can actually save the PIN in your phone with these easy steps:

  1. Type the access number. (e.g. 02071241210)
  2. Press and hold # until a word 'w' appears
  3. Now type the PIN number.
  4. Once again press and hold # until another 'w' appears
  5. Type in your home phone number.
  6. Save as a contact which you can easily call later or even save it as a speedial.
*Note that when you call the number, you'll get a dialog box asking if you want to send ringtones. Choose YES and your phone will send your PIN. After this, you'll once again have the same dialog box with your home phone number. Once again choose YES and you'll hear the recorded message of "XXX minutes left". Tested only on Motorolas. Tell me if it works on Nokias/Samsungs/etc...


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