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Friday, August 26, 2005

Opera Mini review...

Despite it being only available in Norway, I finally got my hands on the Opera Mini! Although my A1000 already runs on Opera Mobile Browser, I decided to try it out and my initial response was Wow! So what's so good about it?

  • It's fast, same speed as Opera Mobile Browser
  • Clean interface
  • text/image rendering is good - which can be set to your liking as well depending on your phone specs
  • full-screen capability
  • auto fit-to-width of webpages
  • shortcuts using keypad (though I don't really have one on my A1000)
So what can it not do:
  • View pages that runs on flash/java.
First, let me show you Opera Mobile Browser first, where it features tab-browsing, full-screen browsing and fit-to-width capability. Also, apparently Opera Mini doesn't process the info on your phone but on Opera's servers but Opera Mobile Browser does it on your phone: Anyway, shall not bore you guys with more words, so here are the screenshots of Opera Mini on my phone: The Menu for Opera Mini: Apparently, it also allows the use of your keypad to navigate. To know more read here. To download a copy for yourself, check it out here.


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