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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Outsourcing to......Prisons?

We have all heard about the west complaining about companies outsourcing to Asian developing countries like India, China, etc and guess what Singapore's doing: From a UAE online newspaper, Khaleej Times:

SINGAPORE - Female inmates at a Singapore prison are working 12-hour shifts as telephone call-center operators and telemarketers in a state campaign to rehabilitate lawbreakers, an official said on Wednesday. “It’s pretty much the same as a commercial call center, except it’s behind bars,” said Vincent Chan, a senior manager at the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises. . . . “I was a workaholic before, and not having anything to do in jail made me feel down,” Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper quoted a 32-year-old operator, who identified herself as Aris, as saying. “Being in this program helped me to be myself once again because I feel useful.”
If this were to happen in Malaysia, imagine what will happen if you reject the sales call from a gangster! Worse still, they have your contact details + your address!


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