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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Having stayed in Malaysia , Singapore (6.5 years) and now in London (3 years), I've never experienced any direct form of racism till early this year when I visited a friend in Bristol. A group of us, mostly Chinese were just walking around near the riverside, when this group of people (I think about 23-30 years old), started surrounding us and danced to the tune of:

"Chink cheeky chink cheeky chink"
and then ran off. The next morning while I was browsing around in a shop, this guy walked passed me, said "Fucking Asians" and then ran off. Is it my face/skin that invites this kinda racism? What have I done wrong? Enough about myself. This might not be very relevant but let me share a story one of my wardens told us while I was in boarding school which I still remember till today: There was once this school somewhere in America during the early 50s/60s, where coloured kids (i.e. non-white) and white kids have their own assigned toilets. The white kids enjoy a toilet with a toilet bowl, sink, etc while the coloured kids have a dirty hut with a hole as the place to relieve themselves. One morning the cleaner found the 4 toilet doors of the white boys toilet with the letters F, U, C and K. Naturally, the headmaster called for a meeting with all the coloured kids in the school and demanded to know who did it. So, one brave boy raised his hand and walked up to the stage. The headmaster at this time was really angry and really wanted to spank him but he first asked him if he knows what the word means. Guess what he said?
For Us Coloured Kids
You like it? Anyway, if you follow the UK news you would have heard about this black teenager who got murdered just because he's dating a white girl, and now in Singapore, there's this racist blog going around. What's wrong with people man? Why can't we all co-exist and not look down on other people? Do you think this kinda hate-crime will happen in Malaysia? What would you do if your friend's a racist? Are racist jokes ok? Give it a good thought and if you're guilty of giving people derogatory names before, STOP! It's still not too late to change! Put this in your blog's sidebar to support this worthy cause: My design might not be too good but the colors represent the Malaysian flag with Red, Blue and Yellow (the words). Feel free to change it if you want but just spread the message across.


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