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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Borrowing stuff online?

Ever wished for a website like Ebay where you can borrow things for free? This coming 15th of September, there'll be one and it's called So, how does this work? In order to create a web of trust, you have to lend something first to gain a credit point and you can use this credit to borrow something in return. What if somebody breaks my stuff while borrowing it? Well, like Ebay there's a rating system. So, if you're the type that breaks other ppl's stuff while you are borrowing it, expect a bad rating and nobody will lend stuff to you anymore. It's an experimental idea but if it works out it's gonna be great 'cos you don't always have to buy DVDs anymore and can just borrow them off somebody who's done with it. Or you can borrow stuff that you don't always use e.g. wheelbarrows, cangkuk, hammer, screwdriver, etc so you'll never have to buy =) Anyway, if you wanna have a look at how the system will look like on the 15th of September see the pictures that follow:


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