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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Chanced upon a few Russian sites which has loads of funny/interesting stuff. This was actually the content available on the Interesting News channel for my 3G network! Examples include:

  • Russian researchers have found the shoes-penis dependence: H=(L+5)/2.Where L = length in centimeters, H = length of manhood. (Link)
I have made a table here for easy reference =)
  • Choosing a boyfriend based on his belly button. (Link)
Comma-shaped belly button:Owner is gentle and easygoing. He gets along with people quite well that's why he wouldn't climb up the career ladder over the heads of his colleagues. Patient and modest, your beloved will rarely quarrel with you as well as with his future mother-in-law. He's thrilled with endearing words and caresses in bed. But you'll be the one to play the first fiddle in sex.
  • Boy from Mars which has interesting insights on the Lemurians. (Link
Is this boy saying the truth:Sphinx has an opening mechanism somewhere behind his ear (but he does not remember where exactly). The boy also talks with great passion and enthusiasm about the Mayan civilization. According to him, we know very little about this great civilization and its people.
Propaganda or is it for real? The leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea explained to amazed members of the meeting that he was training his memory every morning and was able to remember several hundreds of numbers and names.Anyway, hope you'll enjoy the funny read, try not to click on those links to Kournikova, Sharapova, Olympic athletes, etc - not work safe =)
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