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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Semi-automatic cut-and-paste Blog

This is for all those blog reviewers, wannabe cut-and-paste bloggers or anyone who's interested in this piece of technology powered by a combination of PHP, MySQL and AJAX. Now there's an easier way to show another blog's post in your blog and that's through reBlog. First, aggregate all the RSS feeds of sites you frequent using reFeed & start deciding whether to publish to the public or not while reading the post itself. Note the Publish button that's circled - press that and you are one step closer to displaying it in your blog. The "revoke" button here is for you to cancel the publishing process. Finally login to your Wordpress/MT dashboard and click on the Fetch reBlog button and all those articles that you have decided to Publish earlier will be displayed on your blog like a normal article. So, there you go - an easier way for you to cut-and-paste articles! For blog reviewers, there's an option for you to edit the article in question, and add in your own comments. So, go download it and try it now!


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