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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Malaysian blog-litics

Everywhere I go, Malaysian politics never fail to rear their ugly heads. It seems to me that once there's a congregation of Malaysians around, there'll definitely be conflicts and misunderstandings. For example, signs of immaturity has definitely emerged after a recent hooha about commercial blogs and advertisements in general. Bloggers who have received large amounts of revenue from Google's Adsense program were targeted as being money-minded, with money as the motivation to write while bloggers who like to pepper their blog with foul language seems to be well-loved and even encouraged! Is this the kind of blogs that we want to see in the near future? Maybe it's because of our government, where absolutely absurd things such as air stewardess uniforms were discussed in the parliament instead of more urgent things like providing help for the Orang Asli, improving the university standards, etc. So come on Malaysian bloggers show us what you can do!


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