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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

60,000 pixel banner!

Hi guys, Sorry for the long absence, my internet connection is still not installed yet! (yeah, it's already been 3 weeks but it's gonna be 24Mbps, so I hope it's worth the wait!) Anyway, let's get back to the topic: Inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage, I present to you the 60,000 pixel floating banner on your left! What this banner does is to display a 10x10 (pixels = 100 pixels square block) logo/image on any part of the 10x60 grid. There's only 5 spaces taken currentlyby me/friends, and that leaves 595 more spaces to be taken up! So, am I gonna charge for displaying it? Kind of actually but it's not gonna cost you much =) Here's the FAQs: What do you need to do to get a 10x10 space on the banner (just 1 of them will be sufficient)?

  1. Do a good deed, post it up on your blog with pictures or witnesses. I'll be the judge to see if it can be considered a good deed OR
  2. Link to SARA - with the code here: <a href=""> <img src="" border="0" alt="SARA"> </a> OR
  3. Contribute to SARA by writing scripts to enhance its functionality (worth up to 20,000 pixels) OR
  4. Pay me US$1 for a single 10x10 space OR
  5. Buy a hosting plan from me/Andrew.
What are the benefits for you to own a space on the banner?
  1. Floating banner - combining unobstrusive advertising with a very high visual impact through the use of a script which glides along with the page when scrolled.
  2. Dual display at my blog and SARA. Double the impression for one good deed done!
  3. Script works on all 3 major web browsers - Opera, Firefox and IE.
  4. Increase visibility for your own blog/website and more...
What next after I've fulfilled one of the criteria listed above?
  1. Send an email with the subject header '60,000 pixel banner - yourname' to me at :
  2. Attach a 10 pixel by 10 pixel logo/image to the email
  3. State the co-ordinates where you wish to put your logo (top left hand corner of image) e.g. the '$' sign logo has a co-ordinate of (50, 300)
  4. State the title for the logo/image e.g. 'The best blog in the world'. No vulgarities allowed.
  5. Wait for reply.
How long does it take for you to post the logo/image? It depends but I aim to do so within 48hours.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Looks like I'm too new to the blogging scene to know who 'Fireangel' is. Read all the related blogs but can't find a link to her own blog! Can anyone pls educate the noobs? *Update: Thanks to a tip from Din, I think I've found her blog. Seems that she has stopped blogging recently. Anyway, for those who are still curious and would like to see if she can really swear, here's the link:
Image hosted by
Anyway, just to join in the fun and make this post less boring, here's a very happy FA day to FireAngel. =) Previous Post

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Hi guys, SARA has her own domain now and it's called:

Please update your links/bookmarks if possible. Otherwise the old links should still work for a couple of months still I think. So, what is SARA? It's a blog aggregator for the public and currently it consist of blogs from Malaysia and some from Singapore. What does it do/How SARA works? Basically, it collects excerpts of your most recent posts and send them to our servers and we'll show them on our main webpage, whereby readers can just click on the title of your post if they are interested and they can read excerpts of it. If they are interested to read more, they just have to click on the blog's name and they'll be transported to your blog. How much does it cost? It's totally FREE! How do I submit my blog feed?
  1. Goto
  2. Fill up the details there,
  3. Click on 'Submit' and you're done!
After that, do I have to go back and submit my feed again after I've done a new blog post? No! Once you submitted your feed, you'll never have to tell us about a new post again. SARA uses your RSS/ATOM/RDF feeds to tell our webservers if your blog is updated or not. Once you submit a new post, SARA webservers will be able to detect it within 10-15 minutes and it'll automatically appear on the main webpage. Do I have to be Malaysian/Singaporean to join this? As long as you're a citizen/resident from Southeast Asia, we will accept your feed. However, your blog needs to be in English if you're not from Malaysia/Singapore. What happens if I wish to remove my feed from SARA? SARA respects your privacy and once you tell us that you wish to remove your feed from us, all your previous posts will disappear altogether from our data. To submit a ticket to remove your feed, follow these steps:
  1. Goto
  2. Fill up the details there,
  3. Click on 'Submit' and you're done!
If I encounter any problems, who should I contact? Please contact me at boringest_at_gmail_com. I am a programmer/designer and I wish to contribute to this project. What are your future plans for SARA? Who do I contact? Future plans include:
  • A blog portal showing the best written posts of the day.
  • An AJAX based blog post ranking system like
  • A forum to discuss/organise future events/trade/contribute to SARA.
We need help for the above to become a reality. So please volunteer if you think you can. Contact boringest_at_gmail_com.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Borrowing stuff online?

Ever wished for a website like Ebay where you can borrow things for free? This coming 15th of September, there'll be one and it's called So, how does this work? In order to create a web of trust, you have to lend something first to gain a credit point and you can use this credit to borrow something in return. What if somebody breaks my stuff while borrowing it? Well, like Ebay there's a rating system. So, if you're the type that breaks other ppl's stuff while you are borrowing it, expect a bad rating and nobody will lend stuff to you anymore. It's an experimental idea but if it works out it's gonna be great 'cos you don't always have to buy DVDs anymore and can just borrow them off somebody who's done with it. Or you can borrow stuff that you don't always use e.g. wheelbarrows, cangkuk, hammer, screwdriver, etc so you'll never have to buy =) Anyway, if you wanna have a look at how the system will look like on the 15th of September see the pictures that follow: